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Sliding driveway gate products offer an efficient entry to your residential or light commercial property. We use a cantilever style opener which not only enables a simpler installation, but is safer and better for automation. In that a cantilever gate never touches the ground; instead it rides on rollers that get attached to the posts and runs through a channel welded to the gate.

The installation is much like a swing gate, where you simply mount your gate to the posts, bolting on your rollers at your desired height off the ground, and slide the gate into place. It’s an ideal method for there is little friction. Gates that run on the ground are frequently obstructed due to obstacles being in the path. Our competitors gates can get stuck by leaves and sticks that put in their paths during storms, causing you to get out of your car to clear the debris out of the way. This is a major downside of standard gates that our system provides a solution to. Gate wheels that are off the ground eliminate the possibly of your loved ones toes being injured.

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